Anima: Pokemon

Some Changes

So this game was suppose to be very simple but because of the many… many sets of numbers while lving up I feel its become confusing.

So instead of getting stuff every lv for the pokemon, I propose just uping stats every 10 lvs (which would actually equal normally lving up a Anima Character)

And Status effects really seemed to suck, I want to improve them.

Stuff like Poison, Paralyze, Burn, Freeze etc. That will still be a resistance = to x2 Pres + Pow stat + 10-100 (based on the Pokemon ability % of happening) Example
Poison Sting of a lv 10 Pokemon would be 35 × 2 + Pow of 8 (10) + 30 (Since its a 30% chance of poison in the video game) so the flat numbers would be: 70 + 10 + 30 = 110

Then stuff life Leer, String Shot, Growl, Etc: Will now be if you manage to hit your opponent they will suffer a -10 to said Attack or Defense, or -20 Initiative. Up to a max of (-50 for Attack an Defense, and -60 Initiative)

Viridian Forest: Is that a Pokemon?
Ep 3

The party successfully completed Viridian forest. And those that finished it recieved a rare bug type pokemon not native to the Kanto region.

Exp that I forgot to reward for last session: 20exp for trainers. And divided between the used pokemon.

The Adventure Begins?
Ep 2

On top of what I already gave you during the game session you trainers also get an additional 15exp.

The Adventure Begins
Ep 1

Our Pokemon Trainers have set off on a great adventure to become the very best at whatever they want to be… honestly I don’t care but Professor Oak said it was required I say this stuff if I’m to be a true Pokemon Professor.

Anyways the journey started off quite interesting as a few Pokemon got slaughtered by the ferocious Toasty. But all for all, the children seemed to have fun and didn’t get hurt themselves on the road to Viridian City.

Good Luck young Pokemon Trainers, I wish you many misfortunate events to come to make your lives not so boring.

50Exp For Trainers
Already Gave Pokemon Exp

Next Time on Anima Pokemon
Viridian Forest and a New Rival Appears.


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