Anima: Pokemon

Some Changes

So this game was suppose to be very simple but because of the many… many sets of numbers while lving up I feel its become confusing.

So instead of getting stuff every lv for the pokemon, I propose just uping stats every 10 lvs (which would actually equal normally lving up a Anima Character)

And Status effects really seemed to suck, I want to improve them.

Stuff like Poison, Paralyze, Burn, Freeze etc. That will still be a resistance = to x2 Pres + Pow stat + 10-100 (based on the Pokemon ability % of happening) Example
Poison Sting of a lv 10 Pokemon would be 35 × 2 + Pow of 8 (10) + 30 (Since its a 30% chance of poison in the video game) so the flat numbers would be: 70 + 10 + 30 = 110

Then stuff life Leer, String Shot, Growl, Etc: Will now be if you manage to hit your opponent they will suffer a -10 to said Attack or Defense, or -20 Initiative. Up to a max of (-50 for Attack an Defense, and -60 Initiative)


DarkMaster DarkMaster

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